Broken Secrecy - A Game Chronicle

Each new generation of consoles brings prettier visuals, and that's definitely the main appeal of all things new in the game industry. "Look at that game! Amazing." But how does a person know a game is amazing just by looking at it? It's because, in a very big way, games are a visual art (a visual art that is constantly being upgraded). You can almost see the amount of effort put into a game by simply glancing at it. But of course pretty graphics can't make a great game, they can only serve to improve the overall experience. Graphics are important. In the past we were always faced with very clear limitations, and Nintendo was usually the company pushing those limits. We all knew what "8-bit" graphics looked like and just what "16-bit" graphics could do. A few exceptions came along that redefined how we viewed those bits (namely Donkey Kong Country, GTA V etc.), but for the most part a system dictated what a game could like. No more.

With the 21st century comes a trio of game machines that will change all the rules... the power trio. Three game machines that are true next-generation monsters, each with its strengths and weaknesses, are alkl powerful. This new hardware is bringing us into an age where anything seems possible. But a single company (i.e. Nintendo) will no longer control the market. As the prior limitations evaporate, we're seeing the maturing of an industry, of videogames and of gaming machines. The new era will bring mass appeal to what was once a niche market. Videogames will be more popular than ever, as a key ingredient to every decent living room. Why? Because consoles have finally advanced to the point that the mass media and the world's population will have no choice but to stand up and take notice. In essence, GTA V will look absolutely stunning from now on, and that won't go unnoticed. Stunning is the new standard.

But where do we go from here? Where does the eye candy stop and polygon pushing become not so important? Will communication games become the vital genre that dictates the next generation of consoles -- you know, the ones that come after the power trio? Will Virtual Reality be the true shape of the future? So many questions, no answers at all. I'm a believer that Shigeru Miyamoto will pioneer an era of gaming once again with his Dolphin software, showing us that he's the master of barrier destruction once more. But now the market is wide open to support more than one king machine, and that means many people will never taste the sweetness of Miyamoto genius.

In the end, you're the ones that decide what the next big thing is. The power trio does, in fact, have graphical limitations -- just not the kind of limitations we're used to with consoles. Most of these three consoles are highly upgradeable. Hell... I'm sure they all are, yet Sony has gone as far as to plan ahead to PlayStation3. Limitations will always exist... if not on a television set, then in a VR environment. We're always limited; we always will be limited. It's breaking those limits that makes life exciting.